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Guidelines to be a More Effective Parent

It is a familiar feeling for excellent parents to think that they have not done enough in their child’s upbringing. These feeling of inadequacy are familiar to every responsible parent Feelings of inadequacy are most common when a parent realizes that he/she has failed in some parenting aspect. A parent can also feel that she is not good enough when the child fall in trouble in school or at home. What you should learn is that a parent that has had such beliefs is a concerned parent. It also indicates that the parent would be willing to seek help to improve his parenting skills. The guidelines in this article will help you in your quest to be a better parent.

First of all, you should always aim to devote as much time as possible to your children. It is very common in recent days for parents to spend the whole day; seven days a week at work. Some parents are likely to rationalize this by telling themselves it is for the greater good of the child. The critical parent-child moments and time are significantly cut short when parents work for long hours. In reality, children require some level of attention from their parents so their achievements can be appreciated. If the parent is unavailable, a child is likely to seek the attention elsewhere which can lead them into a bad company of friends. This is further explained by the fact that most children aim to please their parents; hence they are discouraged if they don’t notice them. As a parent you should always be on the lookout for your child’s achievements and comment to motivate positive behavior.

The third factor to be an effective parent is to make sure that your child knows that your love is unconditional. The number of times you say to your children how much you love them should have no limits. Some parents have an age limit beyond which they stop reminding their children they love them. It is also common for parents to express conditioned love. For example, telling them that you love them only when they behave in a certain way or achieve something. This kind of love is not healthy to a child because it can lead to negative feelings of inadequacy when they make a mistake.

In conclusion, parents should consult the guidelines above to help them combat the ever-changing role of a parent.

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