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Marketing Tips on how tin Increase Attendance in Your Conference

Are you trying to put together workshop? Well, please, just take time to read this article. Just like any other event, as we put together conferences, the greatest concern lies in whether people will show up. In line with this concern, you find conference marketing teams being set up. However, even with these steps in place, our workshops fail to attract sufficient numbers. It may appear to some that people lack interest in the seminar after a dismal attendance, but in truth, it may be that the marketing wasn’t done right. You might argue that you did do marketing, but then the question is,” How efficient was it? It becomes paramount to assess the places you put your marketing money into and see if it was viable. All in all, don’t despair as this might be your chance to make a turnaround of fortunes.

Timing is among the most crucial factors. Time is an essential ingredient in the preparation of conferences. Marketing goes hand in hand with timing. Most people starting promoting their workshop even months before the actual event. This can end up not working out as the seminar attendees feel as if they are waiting too long for the conference. The lead time is such an essential tool that you just have to get it right. One then has to coordinate conference length and timing. The shorter the workshop the shorter the lead time should be and vice versa. Therefore, make sure that you use the time element well.

Next up is to generate a list of prospective attendees who are known to be interested in the topic of discussion at the seminar. For example, it would make little sense to invite a team of engineers to a conference based wholly on medical issues. It is prudent to focus your marketing efforts on those you are sure to have the capacity to show up for the conference.

Then you have to handle the issue of the communication piece. Simply, analyze the communication means needed to influence the potential attendees. In some cases, emails will do just fine, you might be called upon to create an ad and see how that plays out, a registration platform on your website might be the selling point, a simple invitation might be all it takes etc. The point is simply, consider your audience’s day to day activities and find out which method might fit into that routine to better impact them.

Consider including a registration fee for your seminar. For most, having a fee of this nature will send people away. However, some research findings have found that paid conferences tend to rake in more people than free ones. This factor enables you to assess the level of seriousness in your target audience. Free events may also work, but the critical point here lies in knowing your target audience.

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